Give Your Clothes a Second Life.

Don't let your used clothes go to waste. Send them to
Thrift+ and we'll do all the work to sort, photograph
and sell your items online.

Earn credits to spend online and raise funds for your
favourite charity.

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We're tackling fashion waste one ThriftBag at a time

73% of used clothes are sent to landfill or are incinerated. We're putting an end to fashion waste by making it easier to re-sell than to discard.

Learn more about the environmental impact of fashion.

What happens to my bag?

Our team of expert Thrifters check and photograph each item. We use our clever tech to suggest an accurate resale price for you to approve. We sell on Thrift+ and eBay at the same time to give your item the best possible chance of selling.

Get back when you give back

Earn Thrift+ credits for every sale

Shop on our second-hand store or redeem for a John Lewis Gift Card

Support your favourite charity

We encourage every seller to choose their favourite charity and donate a portion of each sale.






How do I earn Thrift+ credits? 

When you send in clothes, you can choose whether you'd like to donate 66%...

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What type of clothing should I donate? 

We accept clothes, shoes, and accessories for women and men from...

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How does Thrift+ decide which items to accept?

Every item we receive goes through a strict quality control process...

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